Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Domestic Angels Ferndown launched!

Domestic Angels is honoured to introduce their newest Business Partner Clare Waldron who has been awarded the franchise for the Ferndown and West Moors area including West Parley, St Leonards and St Ives. Helping people in their homes with weekly cleans, spring cleans and home help, Clare will be fully representing the Domestic Angels ethos in every respect.

When asked about her new business, Clare said “
After investigating many different franchises I was delighted to come across Domestic Angels. The structure of the business was ideal for myself with my background in care for many years and already owning a small business, this just seemed the perfect next career path! I am fully devoted to making this a great success and am excited to be working with a great company!”
Founder and Director of Domestic Angels, Sam Acton said “We are all extremely happy to welcome Clare to the Domestic Angels family. Clare is a natural. With a business and caring background, Clare has the perfect experience and skillset combination which means that the good people of Ferndown, West Moors and surrounding areas can look forward to excellent customer service.”

Monday, 23 September 2019

New Franchise Partner on board!

We have that Franchise in the office!

Launching our newest franchise partner, Anna, who has taken on the Southbourne region for Domestic Angels – Domestic Angels Southbourne ??Welcome to the DAF Family Anna & wishing you all the luck in your new venture!

” Hello, my name is Anna, I am the franchisee of Domestic Angels Southbourne. My main passion behind joining Domestic Angels was not only to provide a good, honest and reliable service, but that we really do care about our clients too.”


Monday, 17 June 2019

Winner of the Innovation Award 2019 at the SWiB Awards

On Friday 7th June, director of Domestic Angels Franchising Samantha Acton, was crowned the winner of the Innovation Award 2019 at the SWiB Awards. The award was given to reflect the innovative determination Sam has demonstrated in evolving and diversifying the business and in particular for the design and development of software which runs the back office of the franchise network. The software, described as a ‘smart diary’, is now available on the open market and known as Paxan Solutions.
“This recognition is overwhelming, I am very grateful. For me, it’s all about the team. The team who inspire me, allow my business creativity to flow and become reality. They not only allow me to be innovative, they energise me to be this way. Innovation underpins our disruptive evolution directly contributing to our communal success” says Sam.
The Franchise Partners at Domestic Angels are very much part of the winning formula in Sam’s eyes. Deb Broomfield, Franchise Partner Christchurch says “Winning this award is important to me as an individual as I feel personally proud to have joined such a successful growing company and be part of its continuing growth and strength.   It also is important for my business as it strengthens the brand name and installs a firm belief in what we do. It makes me feel inspired and gives me a sense of how hard work and dedication can be noticed and recognised.  It gives me the enthusiasm and courage to continue doing what I am doing and the excitement of what the future holds.”
Hazel Burnett, Franchise Partner Bournemouth Central Parks, commented “Being part of the Domestic Angels Group of Companies that is award winning in innovation is fabulous. We’re not a static business. We strive to move forwards in all areas enabling not just ourselves but others to grow and gain strength. This award is for the Angels, the management, the Franchise Partners and the wider team who work so hard in the background. We have all worked together to create what we do.”

Saturday, 16 March 2019

We’re a Finalist for an Entrepreneur Award!

Samantha Acton, founder of Domestic Angels Franchising and Paxan, is a finalist in the Entrepreneur category of the Successful Women in Business Awards 2019. Fulfilling the criteria of demonstrating entrepreneurial excellence along with 4 other significant finalists, Sam is insistent that this award reflects more than her talents as an individual.
“This award is for my franchise partners, the Angels, the Domestic Angels customers, the Paxan team, my peer group and the endlessly supportive friends and family who surround me. Yes, I can demonstrate commitment, vision, perseverance and capacity for personal growth in bucket loads but it’s the people around me who inspire me and allow me to be entrepreneurial. This is their award, my thank you to all of them.”
“Judging the entrants for the Successful Women Entrepreneur Award was really difficult, but Sam Acton is a very worthy finalist and true Entrepreneur. I am looking forward to reading out the winner’s name on June 7th at the Awards ceremony” says Gill Donnell, founder of the Successful Women in Business network.
Sam’s entrepreneurial story began in 2002 when she launched Domestic Angels providing help in people’s homes developing a sophisticated and effective business model which endured and grew over the years. The business was eventually converted into a franchise model and boasts several successful territories enabling more people to have their own businesses and in turn create employment. To enable and ensure growth for Domestic Angels, Sam initiated the development of her own software which has become the backbone of the business. Known as Paxan and launched May 2019, the software solution is now available on the open market to benefit other businesses who need to reduce admin. The entrepreneurial story is continuing.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Actions Speak Louder than Words – Domestic Angels franchisee collaborates to buy 2nd territory

Just 18 months since purchasing her first Domestic Angels franchise territory, Debbie Broomfield has collaborated with husband Jamie to take over the long-established Southbourne, Dorset territory. After enjoying incredible success establishing and building the Christchurch territory, Broomfield’s strategic move to expand her Domestic Angels portfolio is proof that the management franchise model is a recipe for success.

When asked why she wanted to invest in a second territory, Debbie explained “My business is thriving and still continues to grow providing me with a very good income.  My husband has seen my success, so we started to talk about possibly buying another franchise to increase our territory to provide an income for both of us.  He has seen my passion in what I do and how it has worked for our family running my own business from home.  This has shown him the potential we have as a couple to purchase another franchise and make it work for both of us.”

The home-based management franchise is built on the award-winning Domestic Angels business model originally established in 2002 by Samantha Acton. The decision to franchise the model has allowed Acton and her innovative team to introduce a product to the franchise market which disrupts long held perceptions and beliefs. “Technology advances have not only enabled more people to work from home it also allows talented budding entrepreneurs to employ and manage teams within sophisticated businesses. The Domestic Angels model provides all of the component parts for these folk to enjoy swift success.”

Collaborating with Debbie, husband Jamie Broomfield provides the facts behind his decision to get involved with Domestic Angels “I could see from my wife’s experiences with running Domestic Angels Christchurch the huge potential of the business. It’s perfectly suited to service all types of customers from busy families to older customers requiring a bit of extra help. She even has contracts with some local schools! Taking on Southbourne to run alongside Christchurch was the obvious next step. We plan to grow it as well as Christchurch has grown providing an unrivalled service to the local area.”

If you would like to find out more about the Domestic Angels franchise opportunity, email or call 01202 267350.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

We are an award finalist for 'Best Franchisor' at the BEST Business Women Awards

We are an award finalist for 'Best Franchisor' at the BEST Business Women Awards!!!

"I founded Domestic Angels in 2002 providing housework, home help and spring cleaning services into client’s private homes. Believing strongly that domestic cleaning staff deserve as much respect as any other worker, I employed my staff guaranteeing holiday pay, flexible hours arrangements, NI payments, insurance and all the bells which the industry so often doesn’t provide its workers due to being dominated by either the black market or businesses structured as agencies. The evolutionary years were not a smooth ride learning how to be an employer, a recruiter, a salesperson and how to deliver great customer service. In fact, every element of running a small business, including completing the monthly payroll on paper with pencil and rubber. Every bump taught me how to run the business better, to perfect processes, to introduce structure and grow, ultimately resulting in the National Venus Award 2013 for Home Based Business. This life event made me admit that I was, and still am, an entrepreneur and classically unemployable.

These days my industry is both domestic cleaning and the franchise sector, yet my passion is for the same reason, I give people their lives and time back. Our Angels help in homes freeing up time and energy in clients' lives – things like being able to do homework with the kids after a long day at work or using the very little pain free energy they have to be with friends. We offer our Angels the hours and security they need to honour their priorities as parents, carers or students. Our franchisees establish their own home-based businesses allowing the same indulgences. With more and more individuals seeking to establish their own businesses with these values, sharing the message that affordable, well-structured, accessible and proven franchise models are an excellent option is very important to UK PLC.

Domestic Angels Franchising provides a management franchise business that gives budding entrepreneurs their lives and time as well as a tried and tested business framework which they can succeed within with 100% support."

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Maybe it’s time to consider an end of tenancy deep clean?

A group of students living together in one property for nine months of the academic year is going to take its toll. Even if you and your housemates are the Kim and Aggie of the university, the kind of traffic that runs through a property shared by, say, five people means things like bathrooms and carpets will have seen better days once summer arrives and those tenancies come to an end.

While wear and tear is an acceptable level of decline when it comes to end of tenancy inventories and a mere 1% of tenancies end up in official disputes, 57% of those that do cite cleaning as the cause of the face-off between landlord and tenant.

Essentially, a landlord would be within their rights to expect the property to be handed over in the same condition it was presented in at the start of the agreement.

So, if you were blown away by the level of spotlessness when you moved in, that’s the standard required when you move out. Not at all easy to achieve for DIYers, so maybe it’s time to consider an end of tenancy deep clean?

If there is a note in the tenancy agreement that states your landlord can use part of your deposit for professional cleaning should the property not be acceptable on check-out, you could be faced with losing more of your money than you bargained for.

Indeed, it can be cheaper to look at bringing in the pros prior to that final check-out inventory, avoiding any admin costs associated with landlords forking out for a deep clean.

Moreover, an invoice from a professional cleaning company confirming all the work that has been carried out will carry weight should there be any kind of dispute over the standard of the property at check-out.

Finally, on a personal level, most landlords will genuinely appreciate a student tenant bringing in a professional end of tenancy cleaner and that could mean a glowing reference ahead of the next academic year’s renting.