Thursday, 22 October 2015

Meet Zoe, daughter of our very own Angel Simon Brewer

Meet Zoe, daughter of our very own Angel Simon Brewer. Simon says that employment with Domestic Angels "works out really well for school run times for both my son and daughter enabling me to be around for my children outside of school hours."
Simon is a single parent working part-time hours, "the team around me at Domestic Angels are great and always there for me, they understand what it is to be a working parent and are always supportive. They make it possible for me to be able to work and put my family first."

Charities report a big rise in the number of very young carers
Meet 6-year-old Zoe from Boscombe. She's what charities are calling a 'Surrogate Mummy', helping to look after her severely autistic brother and her Dad. Charities in the south are reporting a dramatic rise in the number of very young carers, who look after their parents and siblings. Some are as young as four. The rise is partly because there is better awareness of the issue. But charities who try to support young carers say they are also under greater strain
Posted by BBC South Today on Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Monday, 12 October 2015

Congratulations to Charlotte our new Junior Team Leader

A very warm welcome and congratulations to Charlotte our new Junior Team Leader.

Charlotte has been with Domestic Angels for a couple of years now, and has grown and shown the qualities and ability to help Domestic Angels evolve.
For Angels and clients alike who are yet to meet Charlotte, look out for her call!.
Well done Charlotte and welcome to the Domestic Angel's family.