Friday, 25 October 2013

Angels Sponsor ‘Butch’ at Bournemouth Rugby Club


Domestic Angels have ‘adopted’ the Bournemouth Rugby Club prop, Richard ‘Butch’ Carrel for the current season. The decision to sponsor the forward player was a simple one for the Angels team and not just about PR and marketing.
“There are several ways in which I can use rugby as an analogy to business” says Samantha Acton, director at Domestic Angels “One rugby maneuver which the Angels have perfected is the ‘blind pass’. This is a sequence of advancing the ball down the field by passing to a spot where you just know your teammate will be. The blind pass is just as effective when it occurs in the workplace.  There have certainly been times when an Angel has finished my thoughts, or perhaps I’ve left some detail unattended and one of our team leaders has filled in the gaps.  We do these things for our team mates. This all goes to demonstrate the strength of the Angel’s culture and team synergy.”

Richard ‘Butch’ Carrel who has a long rugby career comments “I’m proud to be representing the Angels this season and to have their full support. Some might find connecting the Angels to a rugby forward a little unusual but the similarity is clear. As in the rugby scrum, the work of the Angels requires skill, team work and a lot of raw power.“