Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Domestic Angels Get You Winter Ready

Samantha Acton, Operations Director at Domestic Angels, has been giving advice on how to get winter ready in this baking hot September we are having. Samantha’s company is keen to advise clients how to get winter ready and not face any surprises.

Many of Domestic Angels clients are families or elderly people living alone and a guide on what to do is really handy.

The key thing to remember is that while the weather is fair, utilise it by getting out your winter jumpers, freshening them up in the sun and get those duvets out for airing. Secreting conkers around the house, which I learned from Samantha, are a gem of an idea to keep the spiders at bay. Open the windows and clean the insides of the frames which get dirty during the summer where we have them open as often as possible. Get those carpets cleaned as we’ve been walking in and out with bare feet or dry shoes both of which carry in outdoors muck. Clean those lampshades as now we are the turning lights on more often we begin to see the muck. 

On a more practical note it is sensible to use this time to clear the gutters to prevent overflows and get the chimneys swept before lighting fires. Bleeding your radiators now releases any trapped air, allowing hot water to fill every part of your radiators and warm your home more efficiently. “When it’s actually cold Samantha commented “these things are all so easily overlooked and a vulnerable person or a mother may suddenly be in a much worse situation if disaster strikes and incurring unnecessary costs”. 

Samantha gives an example of a client, a single working lady who lives in a thatched cottage, she is always having spiders in the house and the conker trick, has been welcomed with open arms as there has not been so much of a sniff of a spider.

Samantha commented “ It is sensible to do as much preparation for winter as possible before it is upon us as then it is too late, always be prepared with candles and matches in case of a power cut and have your utility numbers to hand in case of breakdown“

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