Friday, 30 March 2018

There was a time when having a cleaner meant one thing...

There was a time when having a cleaner meant one thing: You’d ‘made it’ and were now far too busy and rich to clean your own house!

That view brought with it a degree of difficultly for the home cleaning business and certainly limited our client base largely to the above.

Back in the 1970s, women in particular wouldn’t have dreamed of spending the family’s hard-earned money on hiring someone to clean their home. ‘We don’t need that! I’m perfectly capable of cleaning my own house’, or something along those lines would have been the stock response.

How times have changed!

While Domestic Angels caters for many high net worth individuals alongside our elderly clients, we have seen a rise in millennials yearning for our service.

Research by insurer Esure last year suggested more than half of all millennials were hiring cleaners because they were “too busy” to do it themselves.

And who can blame them? How can you criticise successful young people for wishing to spend their time ‘living’ rather than cleaning?

Life is for living, after all, and we all value our time perhaps more than we ever have before. Having a cleaner can provide that work/life balance we all strive for and, for Domestic Angels, this is part of our very fabric.

Indeed, our home-based management franchise, as well our cleaning and home help services, provides the opportunity to find that balance between working hard yet having enough time for the things that truly matter.

That’s what we stand for.

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